iiNet Vows Free Lawyers For Troll Targets

dallas-buyers-club-pl_422_600_80iiNet, the second biggest ISP in Australia, has been a bit of a magnet when it comes to bittorrent lawsuits. In 2008 they were sued by the Australian Federation Against Copyright Theft (AFACT) for failing to prevent its subscribers from infringing copyright via Bittorrent, a case it won, as the court found it was not iiNet’s responsibility.

In late 2014, Voltage Pictures – the company behind Oscar winning movie ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ – started proceedings against Australian users it accused of downloading its movie, just as it has in both the US and Canada. The alleged Australian infringements all occurred between 2 April 2014 and 27 May 2014. Continue reading…


PPUK Moving Forward With Purpose

The stepping down of Loz and Ed might seem like some to be the end of the Pirate Party. They couldn’t be further from the truth. While both Ed and Loz have been valuable members of the executive team, to say they’re indispensable, and of critical importance to the party is not only being overly dramatic, but also insulting and demeaning to the many other people involved at all levels of the party.

Loz is not vanishing, riding off into the sunset, never to be seen again, so it’s far from the doom and gloom that you might think. He’s stepping back, recharging his batteries batteries, focusing on his own local area, and letting someone else refocus things.
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[LIVE] Pirate Party UK General Election Liveblog 2015

It’s election time again, which means time for another liveblog. I’ll be covering the election, focusing on the 6 pirates up for election, and I’ll be assisted in that by various pirates including Wendy Cockroft, and Stephen Ogden.

Those 6 lucky Pirate candidates are: Continue reading…


Judge Calls Prenda an “Ingenious Crooked Extortionate Operation”

Today was the long-awaited appeals court hearing in the ongoing Prenda saga. Almost exactly two years after Judge Otis Wright went sci-fi on Prenda and its principles, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals held an appeals hearing requested by Prenda on the sanctions, and it was not a pretty day for Prenda.

prenda_stressToday was the long-awaited appeal for Prenda and associates in the 9th circuit. A welcome change from other hearings is that the case was live-streamed by the court, enabling those who were unable to get to the courtroom, a chance to view the proceedings, and what a show it was. Daniel Voelker, representing Prenda, left the first half hour battered and bleeding (metaphorically) from the many jabs and barbs by the three judges on the panel, while Morgan Pietz representing the Doe, had a much more cordial reception. Continue reading…


Conservative government Clueless on Porn Censorship

photo CC-BY Gerriet

photo CC-BY Gerriet

In a move that would have Operation Yewtree crawling all over them if it screamed “Think of the Children” any louder or more breathlessly, Conservative Culture Secretary Sajid Javid has pledged mandatory age checks on porn sites. While his position was probably well intentioned, it yet again shows a vast gulf between reality, and the beliefs of ignorant MP’s .

The idea to force age verification requirements onto adult websites may seem like a good idea in theory, but it’s one that not only won’t, but can’t work; it’s one that can lead to profound issues for press freedoms in the future.

The idea of effective age restrictions is one manifestation of a fantasy beloved of politicians everywhere – “decree and it shall happen, as intended”. The reality is otherwise though. There is no such thing as an effective solution, and so his plan is doomed to failure before it starts. Continue reading…


Sir pTerry – Inspiration, Idealist, Humanitarian

I awoke Thursday morning to find one of my two greatest inspirations, Sir pTerry Pratchett OBE, had died. It was not a good feeling. It was hard to explain exactly how this made me feel, but for those of us geeks that looked beyond the emotive veneer of modern civilization to address the underlying thoughts the past month has been hard. Not only have we lost the intellectual voice that was Pratchett, but less than 2 weeks ago we lost the ‘face’ in Leonard Nimoy.

However while Nimoy was a great figure, in many respects he was far less important than Pratchett, he conveyed an image, portrayed a character created and written by others. Pratchett on the other hand, was the creator, the thought provoker, and mind who not only created the thoughts but gave them a vehicle to speak through. Continue reading…