Which TPB Clones Are Beached Whales?

hydrabay1On December 9th, The Pirate Bay was raided, and taken offline. The site went down, and much of the net went nuts. Yet there was another, stranger phenomenon some might have noticed.

On just about every article posted about it were comments claiming that “it’s back at ”. Some even went out of their way to fool people, even issuing press releases that they were TPB, but ‘back’, or ‘working from a backup’ or ‘decided to go to a new domain’. Many fell for it, and after more than a month after many have been highlighted as less than meets the eye, people are still making the claim that they’ve ‘tested’ it. Continue reading…


[LIVE] State of the Union 2015 – Pirate Style

As part of a liveblog at the USPP site, I’m running a liveblog giving the Pirate Party perspective on the 2015 State of the Union speech, given by President Obama.

I hope you’ll join us for the Pirate Perspective on a speech that’s sure to be bad for your liberties and freedoms. Continue reading…


Should Anonymous Give Up

anonymous-moronTo many the decentralized nature of ‘Anonymous’ is a boon. There’s no head to lop off, no central point of contact. It’s also a detrement too, as any fool can jump up, shout something inflammatory and lead the mob on a rampage.

They also like to hide behind anonymity, especially on services like Twitter, where they can engage in sock-puppetry to make it seem like there’s more support for their position, and give an inflated impression to their opinion. Given that, it’s amazing they can be so ‘brave’ as to stand up for their ‘beliefs’ as they do. Continue reading…


Top Gear’s Argentina Could Be Future Britain

Argentina-Falklands-Top-Gear-235540Over the weekend Top Gear aired its Patagonia special, which ended in quite spectacular fashion. While most of us already knew the ending already (as it made international news at the time) it was quite a different thing seeing the ending in context.

What’s more it’s something we’re increasingly likely to see on UK streets if current indications are anything to go by.

Nationalism is sweeping across Europe, as a way for many to express their dissatisfaction with the way their countries are being run. However, the outrage could not be more misplaced, as it’s aimed strictly at those at the bottom of the socioeconomic spectrum, those who have done nothing to cause the issues, but are hailed as the problem. Continue reading…


Dotcom to Sell Out Digital Rights in the US

Image CC-BY-SA Pirate Times

Image CC-BY-SA Pirate Times

The announcement of launching a US arm to ‘the Internet Party’ (by Mega founder Kim Dotcom) seems, on its face, quite good news. A rich, media-savvy person who understands technology getting into the US political scene to stir things up and fight for digital rights, and freedoms; sounds great, right? Continue reading…


No Grand Jury Indictment in Ferguson Shooting of Brown

The Grand Jury is not going to indict officer Darren Wilson over the August 9 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri.

The shooting, which prompted outrage and protests in the region for a significant period afterwards, had been with the Grand Jury for a considerable amount of time,  and was only presented after a vocal protest from the local population. Brown’s family have asked for any actions and responses to be kept peaceful, a request local officers have not yet acknowledged.

A parallel Federal investigation into civil rights charges has also failed to return indictments. Continue reading…