Conservative government Clueless on Porn Censorship

photo CC-BY Gerriet

photo CC-BY Gerriet

In a move that would have Operation Yewtree crawling all over them if it screamed “Think of the Children” any louder or more breathlessly, Conservative Culture Secretary Sajid Javid has pledged mandatory age checks on porn sites. While his position was probably well intentioned, it yet again shows a vast gulf between reality, and the beliefs of ignorant MP’s .

The idea to force age verification requirements onto adult websites may seem like a good idea in theory, but it’s one that not only won’t, but can’t work; it’s one that can lead to profound issues for press freedoms in the future.

The idea of effective age restrictions is one manifestation of a fantasy beloved of politicians everywhere – “decree and it shall happen, as intended”. The reality is otherwise though. There is no such thing as an effective solution, and so his plan is doomed to failure before it starts. Continue reading…


Sir pTerry – Inspiration, Idealist, Humanitarian

I awoke Thursday morning to find one of my two greatest inspirations, Sir pTerry Pratchett OBE, had died. It was not a good feeling. It was hard to explain exactly how this made me feel, but for those of us geeks that looked beyond the emotive veneer of modern civilization to address the underlying thoughts the past month has been hard. Not only have we lost the intellectual voice that was Pratchett, but less than 2 weeks ago we lost the ‘face’ in Leonard Nimoy.

However while Nimoy was a great figure, in many respects he was far less important than Pratchett, he conveyed an image, portrayed a character created and written by others. Pratchett on the other hand, was the creator, the thought provoker, and mind who not only created the thoughts but gave them a vehicle to speak through. Continue reading…


Pirate Parties International – Powered by Delusional Egomania

Over the past month, the Pirate Parties International (PPI) “organisation” – I use the term lightly, as while it qualifies as such by dint of being a legal entity, it is far from organised – has undergone several blows, as national parties, tired of self-serving officials scheming and lying for their own benefit and prestige, sever their connections.

To help guide understanding of just how broken and deluded those in charge are, I’ve chosen to highlight issues that have come up ONLY as a result of parties leaving, a process which started less than a month ago. Since Australia announced their decision to leave on February 11th, the UK Pirate Party has also left, and the Belgian Pirate Party suspended its membership, pending a full party discussion at the end of this month. It was the response from the Board of the PPI to this last announcement that prompted this piece, and so it’s from there I start. Continue reading…


Which TPB Clones Are Beached Whales?

hydrabay1On December 9th, The Pirate Bay was raided, and taken offline. The site went down, and much of the net went nuts. Yet there was another, stranger phenomenon some might have noticed.

On just about every article posted about it were comments claiming that “it’s back at ”. Some even went out of their way to fool people, even issuing press releases that they were TPB, but ‘back’, or ‘working from a backup’ or ‘decided to go to a new domain’. Many fell for it, and after more than a month after many have been highlighted as less than meets the eye, people are still making the claim that they’ve ‘tested’ it. Continue reading…


[LIVE] State of the Union 2015 – Pirate Style

As part of a liveblog at the USPP site, I’m running a liveblog giving the Pirate Party perspective on the 2015 State of the Union speech, given by President Obama.

I hope you’ll join us for the Pirate Perspective on a speech that’s sure to be bad for your liberties and freedoms. Continue reading…


Should Anonymous Give Up

anonymous-moronTo many the decentralized nature of ‘Anonymous’ is a boon. There’s no head to lop off, no central point of contact. It’s also a detrement too, as any fool can jump up, shout something inflammatory and lead the mob on a rampage.

They also like to hide behind anonymity, especially on services like Twitter, where they can engage in sock-puppetry to make it seem like there’s more support for their position, and give an inflated impression to their opinion. Given that, it’s amazing they can be so ‘brave’ as to stand up for their ‘beliefs’ as they do. Continue reading…