Wikileaks and Their Defamation Problems

In the last day or two, a ‘defamation list’ full of things that Wikileaks has claimed to be defamatory has been released, but this document (if a pastebin can be called such) raises far more questions than it answers, and is peppered with legal inaccuracies and blunders. The initial claims from Reuters said that on January 6th, Wikileaks sent out a list of 140 things that reporters shouldn’t say about its founder, because they’re “false and defamatory”.

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Missing Posts

For some reason, there’s quiet a few missing posts here between August 2017, and January 2019.

That will be rectified as soon as I figure out what happened to them. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Politics & P2P Podcast in the Making

As anyone who’s been around me for a while knows, I’m not the most regular poster. It can be a month or so between posts, if not longer, and the posts vary in subject and (unfortunately) quality. What you don’t see is the half-written pieces, and starts and stops that go on. So I want to fix that.

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Dragon Con 2017 Panels

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when I share my panels and where I’ll be. Last year, due to back problems, I couldn’t go, as I explained then (giving you audio/videos of past panels instead) followed by taking a look at a common Dragon Con myth during the convention itself. This year though… Continue reading…


Wikileaks and Their Increasing Credibility Problem

Wikileaks is desperate to stay relevant, and to retain their credibility. Following their 2016 publication of DNC emails (which were blown out of both proportion and context for the sake of publicity) they’ve struggled to reconcile their original goal of promoting transparency and highlighting wrongdoing and criminal acts that have been covered up, with turning into a political version of TMZ.

This new approach has won them many new supporters, who instead of being the cynical, analytical followers of the past that pour over every detail and ensure things that need exposing are highlighted, will vociferously devour and regurgitate – without hesitation or question – any salacious headline they care to deliver.

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Comments to FCC on Net Neutrality 2017

If you need a bit of background on what the Net Neutrality battle is about, you can read the history of this specific battle (which started with a news story based on research I led) that I wrote last week. Or you can watch the video of me explaining and responding to some comments in a far more concise manner. Continue reading…