Copyright Maximalists Can’t Even Tell the Truth About Their Events

It’s become a bit of a cliché nowadays, that those in the copyright maximalist gig can’t tell the truth on anything .Their studies are filled with bogus claims, their press releases are questionable, and the DMCA notices they spew out seem to best be described as following a Spray and Pray strategy.

Until now though, they’ve at least been able to fall back on their events to be fairly factual, at least in the organization. That could now be going out the door as Friday Vanderbilt University in Tennessee hosts a copyright panel.

Five international experts will discuss the current state of copyright law Oct. 24 at an open forum at Vanderbilt Law School. “Is Copyright Working for Songwriters and Composers? A Global Panel at Vanderbilt Law School” will be held from noon to 1:30 p.m. in Flynn Auditorium at the law school, located at 131 21st Ave. S.

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Human Rights No, Corporate Rights Yes?

Stop trading away our future in secret - PPUK posterIt’s become a hallmark of British Government that they say one thing and do another. Rarely is it ever so cut-and-dried as with the current Conservative government.

Much has been made over the last few weeks about the desires of the Prime Minister to leave the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR). Cameron has said he wants to bring more powers back to London, because he doesn’t like the way it ‘hands power’ off – powers we British have given to that court more than 60 years ago. Most notably, he doesn’t like the way it often deals with his right wing agenda of disenfranchising people, and creeping towards a police state, but seems to be championing the way with misinformation.

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Dawn Prestwich Pines for the Past

facepalmYesterday Dawn Prestwich penned an agonising plea for help, one seeking desperately for assistance with a terrible affliction.

Only kidding.

Yesterday Dawn Prestwich longed for a desire to return to the TV world of 30 years ago, in a thoroughly predictable rant in Hollywood newspaper Variety.The main target of her rant was Hana Beshara, the jailed former admin of ninjavideo, but she tried to seague into how online piracy is going to kill everything Variety readers hold dear. If only there was some truth to her claims. Continue reading…


Qentis Business Plan Doesn’t Add Up

qentis claims

There’s a claim by a Russian company called Qentis about creating ‘all images’ to try and monetise copyright by basically ‘creating all copyright’. It builds on an idea I helped explore at TorrentFreak back in 2011 on Quantum Computers. At the heart of both, is the idea of generating all content, mathematically.

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Comcast, TOR, and DeepDotWeb – The Truth

Now that the post-Dragon Con buzz has gone, and it’s time to start looking critically at the net, there was a piece that caught my eye when someone posted it.

It was a link to a slashdot article, which says that Comcast is cracking down on TOR because it’s illegal. As I started to write this, Slashdot has updated it with an additional link, saying ‘Comcast denies it’. Yet the story is one with possible legs, so let’s take a quick look at it, eh?


The main source is a site called ‘DeepDotWeb’, a place I’ve never heard of. So I took a quick look at their ‘about‘ page. Not encouraging. The site claims to be mainly organised by non-native English speakers, and focuses on the darkweb and bitcoin. They cite significant knowledge of Silk Road (the first one) and founded the site as a ‘protest’, rather than a serious news source, saying “Our site was established as  a small “revenge” at our local authorities for busting our friend for buying drugs off SR1” – you can just feel the accuracy oozing from them, can’t you.

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Politics&P2P Turns 5

It’s hard to believe, but it’s been 5 years since I finally decided, ‘yes, I should really start writing things down‘. So 5 years, and 269 posts later, here we are. To commemorate this, I decided that it’s finally been long enough and I should fix some of the issues with the site. Most of the fixes have been in the back-end, but most of you will have noticed one thing – the black-themed layout is no more.

Yes, for all my talk of disabled access, and so on, I’ve had a site that has been rather unreadable for a lot of you, for a fairly long time. Well, no more. Of course, it’s by no means finished either, but with the backend changes, it does mean that I can now fix most of the problems, and make the layout much easier to read. Continue reading…