First Look – No Safe Harbor

On January 15 24 (publisher issues), the United States Pirate Party (USPP) will be launching its first book, titled No Safe Harbor: Essays about Pirate Politics. It will not only be offered in eBook formats free of charge, but you can buy it in paperback from

The book will be a collection of essays, some you will have seen before, others written especially for the book, along with comic strips from Nina Paley. As a special bonus, we have even included the UN Declaration on Human Rights, because documents like that are handy to have available.

We’ve already had some of the proofs, and they’re looking rather nice, as you can see in these photographs.

So mark your calendars, and get ready to read 250 pages of political joy.


Government and Corporate Transparency and Accountability

Assassinating Citizens – Marcus Kesler
The Worst Part of Censorship – Ryan Moffitt
The Parable of the Pasture – Howard Denson
Indie Authors Shaking the Pillars of Publishing – Reagen Dandridge
Breaking the Two Party Two-Step – Andrew “K’Tetch” Norton
Fluid Democracy – William Sims Bainbridge
Privatizing Life – Kembrew McLeod
Killing the Corporate Person – Andrew “K’Tetch” Norton


“Real Names” Policies Are An Abuse of Power – danah boyd
Criminal of Innocence – Travis McCrea
Privacy Now, Nothing Later – Ryan Moffitt
Personal Privacy – Travis McCrea
Notes on the 4th Amendment – The Electronic Frontier Foundation
No Safe Quarter – Loreley MacTavish
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights – The United Nations

Intellectual Property

History of Copyright – Rick Falkvinge
The DRM Sausage Factory – Cory Doctorow
Pirates – Lawrence Lessig
Questions Concerning Copyright – Brad Hall
This Gene is Your Gene – Kembrew McLeod