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Welcome one, and all to the new look

The main problem I’ve had the past year has been the change to the new ‘blogger’ editor. While I’m sure it’s great for those people at google, the sad fact is the editor is just plain crap.

When editing a post takes up an entire CPU core, that’s just bad coding and design, and that’s using the recommended browser, chrome.

This is NOT good.

So, I decided it was finally time to bite the bullet, and update things a little, with a new design, but more importantly, a new basis to work with. WordPress.

There are still tweaks that need working out, and things that need fixing. Also the move from blogger also means a whole lot of pieces need their URL’s fixing. i’m working on it as quickly as I can, but if you’ve got any suggestions that might help, let me know.

Finally, this is not the final look for this site, but more a stop-gap while it’s set up fully. I figured it was better to set it up and get it running, before making it look perfect.

Hope you enjoy it.

Andrew “K`Tetch” Norton