CISPA, SOPA, PIPA, ePARASITE, ACTA, TPP: What is Congress Smoking?

In 2012, I was moderating a panel on the major technological legislative acts that were pending or had been proposed in the last year. On the panel were two lawyers from the copyright field, and two computer security experts. Since the resurrection of CISPA has occurred, I thought it prudent to take the audio and photographs, and create a video, which many people find more engaging.

People don’t realize just how damaging these sorts of laws are, proposed by lobbyists who have an angle, but who sell it on another angle. The bills are then championed by legislators who understand what’s in it as much as they understand saying ‘No’ to lobbyists. Seriously, these bills do nothing good for the people, but a lot of harm – some deliberately, the rest inadvertently.

To the video however.

For more details on the panel, hosted by the EFForums track at Dragon*Con, see the panel page here.


Photo’s by myself and track director Scott Jones.
Download in MP3 (42.3MB) or OGG (19.49MB) format.
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