LiveBlog – Prenda’s “Good Old Fashioned Bench Slapping”

Many are aware of the impending courtroom dustup in the Prenda case. For those that aren’t, here’s the worlds briefest precis (from the worlds most longwinded blogger).

Prenda and a slew of other companies are the creation of half a dozen people, (mostly lawyers, but some are imaginary). These companies try to sue people under copyright law for the alleged sharing of media (in part or whole) they claim is copyright registered. However, aside from suing to get personal info, they avoid litigating the case on its merits, because its all about extorting settlements. There’s been a lot of contradictory statements to different courts, and now one judge, Federal Judge Otis D Wright II, wants to get to the bottom of it. His last attempt, March 11th, was foiled but now it’s time for “A Good Old-Fashioned Bench Slapping” as one person has put it.

Because it can be hard to follow the twitter stream, I thought this liveblog might be a better way to deal with things.