LIVEBLOG – Prenda’s Wright Old Time

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Copyright JohnHenryLawyer
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Here we are again ladies and gentlemen. We had the liveblog going for the 12-minute hearing, and that was popular, despite the lack of real action there. Naturally, I couldn’t run one for the Georgia hearing last week, but we’ve got another hearing elsewhere, so here it is.

If you’re wondering why I’m doing this, it’s because twitter can be hard to follow. One person tweets, gets 3 responses, then starts replying to each one, some you may see, some you don’t, and it degenerates from there, especially a sudden high-traffic topic like #prenda. What twitter is good at is is real-time.

So, this liveblog is like a private twitter focused just on this issue, and you get to see everything. plus it’ll incorporate twitter as well. So it’s handy for everyone. And when the events over, you can look back at it.