Comments to FCC on Net Neutrality 2017

If you need a bit of background on what the Net Neutrality battle is about, you can read the history of this specific battle (which started with a news story based on research I led) that I wrote last week. Or you can watch the video of me explaining and responding to some comments in a far more concise manner.

Last week was the big protest for Net Neutrality, and it was a big success. It came at the tail end of the comments on Net Neutrality. The deadline for initial comments was Monday 17th July 2017, and I (as usual) waited until the last minute to file my comments (waiting until 11pm to do so, after starting writing them at 5pm).

As for my submission, it’s now below. Be warned, it’s a bit long and meandering (did I mention I wrote it in <6 hours) although I did cheat a little. Fully half the comment is a copy of the comment I submitted exactly 3 years earlier to the FCC for the last reclassification hearing. That’s because everything I wrote then, is still valid now, and it saved me duplicating things, and meant I could focus on new and different comments and details.

And I have to admit, I couldn’t resist taking a quick dig at chairman Pai and his ‘mug’ obsession. I have my own mugs and don’t think it’s ‘humorous’, and can afford to buy my own, rather than walking around like a corporate sponsored buffoon, so in the ‘about me’ page, I had one of my kids photograph me drinking tea from one of my mugs (again, done in the 6 hour period)