A Glitch in Time

Timelapse header

Yes, it’s time for another time-lapse, or rather, another pair.

It’s back to my usual spot for some sunsets, but alas neither of the two gave me a good sky. One was too clear, and the other generated a lot of cloud.

What to do…

Well, the clear sky was nice enough in its own way, so it didn’t need anything, except some music adding to it.

The cloudy one wasn’t very interesting on its own though, so time to experiment. I’ve been spending a bunch of time talking in a group run by Rob Sheridan, the former Art Director for Nine Inch Nails, and he’s been talking about Glitch Art. Speeding the video up, I never listen to the audio (if I record in a cameras timelapse mode, there isn’t any, this time I recorded regular video) but this time I did, and it had a glitch-quality of its own, almost haunting and ghostly, so why not try making a glitch-art timelapse?

I hope you enjoy them, and the differences the weather can have, as its the same camera, with the same settings at pretty much the exact same spot, just two days apart.

The Glitch-art sunset
A more relaxing one.

Excuse the titles, but click-baity titles are needed to get any views…