[LIVE] 2nd Presidential Debate Liveblog 2016

Welcome to the liveblog by the US Pirate Party covering the 2nd Presidential Debate. Covering the debate and giving feedback, and facts from the Pirate Perspective is

  • Former US party chairman Andrew Norton
  • Massachusetts State leader, and US party Vice-chair James O’Keefe
  • Morgan Pevonka-Thompson

The Liveblog will open 30 minutes before the debate starts. Continue reading…


7 Reasons Why Trump’s Tax Returns Matter

Donald Trump is rich, really Rich, and we know that because he says so. He’s a business genius, with an unrecognized talent for business, and we know that because, yet again, he says so.

Now, we have no reason to doubt that, except for one little thing, every time he’s asked to back those claims up, he refuses (oh yeah, and he’s a lying bastard who has a similar feeling of self achievement as Kim Jong Il had). He feels he has something to hide. Why is that? Well, we know for a start that he’s not actually as rich as he claims he is. In a 2007 deposition (caused by him getting upset and filing a SLAPP suit against a writer who said he wasn’t as rich as he claimed to be) Trump admitted that his worth is mostly tied up in his ‘Brand’ — that is his name and his perceived value in licensing. It wasn’t in his assets, it’s not anything he owns, or has earned, it’s just a random number he himself has decided he’s worth.

In effect, it’s a completely made up number. Continue reading…


Dragon Con, Wifi, and the Marriott Jamming Myth

wifi-logoOver the last 3 years or so there’s been a lot of rumors going around about the host hotels at Dragon Con blocking signals, sometimes cellphone, sometimes Wi-Fi.  The important thing to understand is that these rumors are not true, and have never been true, but are based on misunderstandings and interpretations of news reports that had people making assumptions. Continue reading…


Dragon Con 2016

So, this is normally the time I’d release my schedule of panels for this years Dragon Con, so people interested in seeing me (both of you) can look there instead of sending me a message the usual way.

I was actually down for several panels, but a week or two back I realised I wouldn’t be able to attend for a uniquely American reason – Medical Bills.

Back in May it was the High School Graduation of my eldest (yes I’m that old), and going to watch it meant sitting on bleacher seats and that aggravated a back injury I’ve had for a few decades.

Now, were I back in the UK, this wouldn’t be an issue, I’d go to the doctor, get referred to a specialist or the hospital if needed, maybe spend some money on a prescription or two. However, this is the US, where no chance to make a buck can be allowed to go by. As a result, the money put aside for Dragon Con (yes, I have to pay for everything except my badge, despite both me and my wife being track assistant directors – me the EFF track, my wife with Signage) has gone to medical care instead. Continue reading…


[LIVE] EU Referendum Liveblog

UK-EUToday is the big day for the EU referendum. I’ve already pointed out how some of the problems of voting to leave, as well as the lies used to justify the position, but many won’t listen, so I thought some live coverage, with discussion, news and so on might be handy for those wanting to get a “non-traditional media perspective”.  Continue reading…


Brexit is Naught But Tissue of Lies

UK-EULater this week, the EU referendum will take place. Safe to say I’m strongly in the ‘remain’ camp, not because I’m actively an EU fan (I’m not) but because as someone who focuses on evidence-based policies, and deals with things based on facts and data. In this, the ‘Leave the EU’ campaigns (‘Brexit’ or ‘Brexitor’) have done absolutely nothing to endear themselves to me, swaddling themselves in lies, deception and emotional manipulation to try and get their way.

For many, the reason is obvious – they want to be a big fish in a smaller pool, rather than the tiddler in an ocean they would otherwise be. Anthony Hilton talked to media baron Rupert Murdoch about the EU years ago and said this

“I once asked Rupert Murdoch why he was so opposed to the European Union. ‘That’s easy,’ he replied. ‘When I go into Downing Street they do what I say; when I go to Brussels they take no notice.‘”

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