Tetch Talk Ep 2 – Peter Sunde on 15 Years Since the TPB Raid

Sometimes it’s hard to believe how long it’s been since a certain thing happened. Today it’s the turn of the Pirate Bay raid, which happened 15 years ago today.

So who better to talk to about it than one of the subjects of the raid, the always delightful Peter ‘Brokep’ Sunde, the face of TPB in those days. And we’ll not only chat about what happened then, but what’s happened since, including his later projects like Flattr (see the button in the corner) and Njalla

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Tetch Talk – Interview with a Glitch-Artist

So, if you saw my post from February, you’ll notice I’m experimenting with glitch-art a little, but to really appreciate it, you need to talk to an expert. So in the first of [hopfully] a series of Tetch-Talks, I talked to outstanding glitch-artist Jarid Scott.

Jarid had recently started a 100-day project, where each day he’d create a piece inspired by a different Nine-Inch-Nails song. We talk about the first thirty days of that project, and how he has minted these and other works over the last few years as NFT’s.

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A Glitch in Time

Timelapse header

Yes, it’s time for another time-lapse, or rather, another pair.

It’s back to my usual spot for some sunsets, but alas neither of the two gave me a good sky. One was too clear, and the other generated a lot of cloud.

What to do…

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CDA 230 Love Poetry

CDA230 – Image CC-BY EFF

There’s a whole shit-show about the Communications Decency Act Section 230 – better known as CDA230 – and how many want it to be gone.

It’s incredibly misunderstood by many, who think it gives special permissions for certain social media companies to do what they want without consequences, or that it requires some sort of neutrality to get its protections.

It doesn’t.

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Prenda Lawyer Loses Appeal Against $1.5M Restitution Order for Copyright Trolling

"Prenda" by JohnHenryLawyer
“Prenda” by JohnHenryLawyer

The US 8th Circuit Court of Appeals has ruled today that Paul Hansmeier must indeed pay back more than $1.5M in restitution for his Prenda law activities. The former lawyer who filed his appeal in late 2019 while serving his 14 year prison sentence, did not convince the court that his scheme was not criminal, or that the amount he had to pay back was too much.

In copyright litigation, there are few stories that have such a roller-coaster tale to them as what’s become known as the Prenda Law saga. A tale of two lawyers, battling hard in the fight to make those that infringe copyright pay, might be a great tagline for a movie, but the reality was quite different.

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K`Tetch Watches… The Watch

There’s an old saying “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” – Who will guard the guards. Today, it’s more specifically “Who Will Watch The Watch”? The answer to that would seem to be ‘No one who is a Discworld fan”.

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