Dragon Con 2019 Panels

So, yet again, I’m listed as an Attending Pro for this years Dragon Con, and you’ll be able to find me at a grand total of 7 events, 6 panels, and a race.

This year I’ll be speaking on the EFForums, Robotics, TrekTrack, and BritTrack, while I’ll be a judge (and possibly cameraman) for the Splendid Teapot Race, run by the Robotics and Alternate History tracks.

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YouTube Has Yet More ContentID Issues

Not really, but, you know…

YouTube has major problems at present. Advertisers are leaving over claims of comment grooming, they’re deleting entire accounts over automated matching that’s idiotically overbroad, but the big story is its ContentID system. ContentID is the copyright enforcement method for the site, allowing automated claims. However, it has major drawbacks, mainly because it’s an automated system and it enforces a rigid set of restrictions on a topic that by design is fluid and has nuance and the details of circumstances built in by design.

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Wikileaks and Their Defamation Problems

In the last day or two, a ‘defamation list’ full of things that Wikileaks has claimed to be defamatory has been released, but this document (if a pastebin can be called such) raises far more questions than it answers, and is peppered with legal inaccuracies and blunders. The initial claims from Reuters said that on January 6th, Wikileaks sent out a list of 140 things that reporters shouldn’t say about its founder, because they’re “false and defamatory”.

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Missing Posts

For some reason, there’s quiet a few missing posts here between August 2017, and January 2019.

That will be rectified as soon as I figure out what happened to them. Sorry for the inconvenience.


A Rational Look at Assange, Manafort, and the Indictments

There’s been a lot of noise about the possibility of Indictments on Assange, with accusations thrown about both ways. So why not take a rational look at the facts?

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Dragon Con 2018 Panels

Once more, it’s panel time.

Once again, I’m an Attending Professional this year, and that means panels, but this year’s a little different. I’m only on the one Brit Track panel, and two EFF track panels, but I do get to add another track to my list, as the Alternate History Track joins Science, EFF, Robotics, and Brit-track as ‘participators’.

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