Missing Posts

For some reason, there’s quiet a few missing posts here starting August 2017

That will be rectified as soon as I figure out what happened to them, and rescue them. Sorry for the inconvenience.


Copyright Consultation on ContentID

Automated takedown tooks are a pain. They’re very much a case of "If X = Y Then do Z"

As such, they’re really unsuitable for anything beyond automated detection of something, and they certainly shouldn’t be used as a means of automated enforcement of anything.

Shira Perlmutter doesn’t think like that though, as we discussed in Episode 4 of Tetch Talk, when she was lobbying heavily for SOPA/PIPA on behalf of the IFPI. As the Register of Copyrights for the US though, she’s now in a position to do something about it now.

That something is to use a letter by Sen Patrick Leahy (who, again, we discussed as being behind SOPA/PIPA) as an excuse to try and push automated tools on to more services, like the EU ‘upload filters’ requirement in the shockingly bad Article 17.

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Tetch Talk Ep 4 – 10 Years After SOPA/PIPA

Ten years ago, the internet, including this site, blacked out in protest of the Stop Online Piracy Act, and the PROTECTIP Act. In this special episode I talk about the history of the protest, and what led to it. Long Time readers here would know that, prior to the protest, I called SOPA supporters A WIMP (Advocating Welfare for Influential Media People.) and I covered the response of my local rep, who basically said he’d do what he was told.

I also touched on some other topics, and protests since, including ACTA, and Net Neutrality.

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Some more Comet Leonard photos

So one of the big news things has been the comet Leonard, and since my first attempt wasn’t great I thought I should try again when I got the chance.

So I did. (This time I’m going to embed from Instagram, as that seems to look nicer)

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Comet Leonard photos

Comet C/2021 A1 – more commonly known as Leonard – is making its closest approach to the sun right now for about 80,000 years, so it’s a rare sight unlikely to be seen again.

I’m being kinda lazy about things, so I’m just going to embed the twitter post of the image, because it’s easier that way.

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Lunar Eclipse Videos

It took a bit of time to do, but here – finally – is my footage of the lunar eclipse.

It was cold as hell out there, so I was trying to keep me warm and motivated, and the camera operating (cold shortens battery life) and aimed.

So I started at 1:05am, and finished around 4:32am, with a photo every 15 seconds, for around 410 photos (some were missed because of battery changes, and some were blurred). Generally, you want to avoid touching the camera whenever possible, because if you touch it as it’s taking a shot, it’ll blur it, and I was aiming to align them all in post.

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Tetch Talk Ep 3 – BattleBots Competitor Craig Danby

One thing I like about this is that I get a chance to talk to people in new ways and about things I wouldn’t normally. Sometimes they’re people I’ve never spoken to before (like Jarid Scott), sometimes they’re people I’ve swapped a few messages with online but never anything in-depth, as with Peter Sunde, and sometimes it’s people I’ve known for decades, as here. Yes, I’ve known Craig for over 20 years, from when we were both teenagers starting out in Robot Combat together in the UK around 2000, but we almost met earlier….

So we explore 20 years of Robot Combat, including the differences between the US and UK combat, one of the more fun incidents at an event (where a fan favourite all-but explodes at an event I’m running safety for, and he’s running the antweight competition) and the progress since the late 90s, from hobby to sport. And again, I want to thank Craig for his time in the interview. He can be found at TeamDanby.com

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