Politicians – Best Watch Out for the NSA and GCHQ

we_are_nsaI know it’s been 2 months since my last post, but there’s been a lot going on, mainly to do with the European elections (more on that later this week, with live-blog coverage of it). There is one topic though that came up that just goes beyond the pale, and has sparked such outrage, that I had to respond.

While I could bash out 400+ words on the subject, it would be a wall of text few would read, so instead I broke with tradition, and recorded a little video. I’m sorry the quality’s not the best, and that I’m sometimes not the most articulate, but I’m away from home, working using a borrowed laptop, so I’ve no tools and no notes. I am, however, speaking straight from the heart.

The issue is that today, we find out that it’s NOT “just metadata” that the NSA is collecting, but that in at least one country (Barbados) and another unnamed one, they’re collecting entire phone calls. This is of no surprise to anyone who has thought about this whole topic, since it was brought up by Edward Snowdon almost a year ago; the only surprise comes from the politicians who will continue to defend it, without rhyme or reason, because of some nebulous feeling of security.

The problem, plain to see for everyone else, is that anyone who opposes the “Guardians of the country” (as they see themselves) is an enemy of the guardians, and thus an enemy of the state. Doesn’t matter if they’re terrorist, activist, or elected representative. To the terminally paranoid and power hungry, “you’re either with us, or against us

I could write more, but there’d be no point in watching the video then. So I suggest you all do just that, and think some more about what it is they’re trying to fight, and how they seem to be going about it.

And if you want to know more about this topic, then don’t forget to watch “OMG, NSA, WTF“, a panel discussion on this topic from September 2013 I produced.