K`Tetch’s Panels at Dragon Con 2015

Dcon logo 2015Yes, I’ve been kinda quiet about this year’s Dragon Con, at least on here. Truth is, I’d only just finished off processing all the videos from last years convention, which came to 21 videos totally 22 hours. You can find the playlist with them all here.

After the 8 of last year, I’ve cut down to save my voice and my sanity, to a more standard 4.

Of course, throughout it all I’ll still be beavering away in Hilton 201, making sure that the EFForums track runs smoothly (as befits the track’s Assistant Director)
In case you’re wondering why I’m not listed in the app, that’s because I didn’t think I’d be able to come until after the schedule had been locked so that the app could be made and the programs printed. Nevertheless, I’m gonna be there!

Friday September 4th 2015


BattleBots: The Beginning

What additional challenges do journalists face in an era of pervasive government surveillance? How does whistleblowing change? Are journalists learning how to use PGP as a result?

Trey Roski, Greg Munson, Fon Davis, K`Tetch + others TBC

Westin Augusta Ballroom


Terry Pratchett: In Memoriam

A look into the legacy left behind by the brilliantly adored author of the Discworld series & so much more, Terry Pratchett. A chat on the great works of Terry, as well as things that will be missed about the author. This panel is a celebration of his life, career & works for his fans.

Sue Kisenwether, Jonathan French, A.R. Cook, Taylor Blumenburg, K`Tetch

Sheraton Macon

Saturday September 5th 2015


Online Family Safety

Kids at home? How do you keep them safe without locking up the computer? What tools are available to help? Do these tools really work?

Dave Maass (moderator), Geoff Termorshuizen, Sarah Avraham Esq., K’Tetch

Hilton Room 201

Sunday September 6th 2015

No panels scheduled – YET!

Monday September 7th 2015


FOIA Do-It-Yourself Kit

How to file a request under the Freedom of Information Act. An update from last year’s panel. Be your own activist!

Dave Maass (moderator), Geoff Termorshuizen, K’Tetch

Hilton Room 201