One Year Without Sir pTerry Pratchett

It’s now been one year since pTerry died. It’s easy to remember, as it’s also the birthday of a close friend. There’s not a lot more that I can say here, that I didn’t say last year, except for the experiences over that last year.

Obviously, the biggest news was that The Shepard’s Crown came out, his last Discworld book (other books, including his collaborative Long Earth series with Stephen Baxter have come out). It was clearly not a fully finished book, and it did something that hadn’t been done in a discworld book to that date. I won’t say what though, because many people still haven’t read it and I don’t want to spoil. Yes, people have deliberately avoided reading the book because then “that’s it, there is no more”. A sentiment that turned out to be far more common than I realised, as even my wife subscribes to it. To put that in perspective, when Making Money came out, we drove to Macon when it was released, and got it that day. Then she read it to me and my kids, in the dark, on the drive home because she couldn’t wait the hour or so. It’s been six and a half months now. The audiobook for it is also yet to enter our nightly rotation (since 2004, we’ve played the Pratchett audiobooks in order along with a select few other books, every night when we go to bed. A complete cycle typically takes 2.5 months)

There was also a massive interest in the annual discworld panel this year at Dragon Con. Most years we half-fill the room, and have a half-dozen costumes even with a Saturday panel. This year we had a friday one (and an early one at that, so people were still arriving) and we had a full room, and LOTS of costumes, as you can see from the video.

The question now is ‘what next’? There’s still talk about the Watch series, but it seems no further along than in 2013. And will there be any more adaptations? Will they be any good, without pTerry to ‘muck about’ with them, and how good a judge of quality will Rhianna be? There’s no doubt she cares deeply for the series and his work, as her tweet today has said, but it’s often more a question of taste, and generation differences often result in massive taste variations.

Meanwhile, here’s to the future, and the continuation of us to speak his name, the man who is perhaps one of the greatest and most insightful writers and thinkers of modern times.

xxx GNU Terry Pratchett xxx