Comments on the DMCA

Image_removed_DMCAThe US Government’s 3-month consultation on the DMCA ended last night, and as always, I waited until the last day to even start.

As a result, instead of a massively long and detailed submission with lots of details and references, they got… 2900 words mostly rattled out in a stream of conciousness, and with references to TorrentFreak and Techdirt in the main. It’s not my best, but hopefully my random and slipshot writing is entertaining enough to keep people’s attention, and factual enough for them to take notice.

I wasn’t alone in waiting until the last day, some roughly 80,000 comments came in on the last day, crashing the server at one point, thanks to help from Techdirt and FightForTheFuture. I can’t wait to start going through those comments and see what was written.


Comments on the DMCA and Section 512 by ktetch