Dragon Con 2017 Panels

Yes, it’s that time of year again, when I share my panels and where I’ll be. Last year, due to back problems, I couldn’t go, as I explained then (giving you audio/videos of past panels instead) followed by taking a look at a common Dragon Con myth during the convention itself. This year though…


But back with a twist. I’m no longer the Assistant Director of the EFF track, that job has gone back to Keith Watson, who had the role before me and has also had his own back issues. It’s a job he’s perfectly suited to, and which was… ‘chafing’ me. So this year, I’m an attending Pro.

That also means I get a bio on the Dragon Con website. and it’s pretty cool too.


K`Tetch went from fighting robots in the UK/US to fighting for privacy, government transparency and accountability, and other rights. Now a technology journalist and researcher, he started the net neutrality fight. When not working, he’s writing about Discworld and designing particle accelerators in his spare time.

Who couldn’t love a bio like that?

Anyway, the panels. This year I’m dong panels for the EFF track, the British Media track, and the Robotics/Maker track.

Friday, September 1 2017


Red Dwarf

We have enjoyed a resurgence of Red Dwarf episodes the last few years. This year’s adventures included Rimmer’s promotion, timey wimey organ theft, and not one, but two female cats! Fun fun fun, in the sun sun sun!

Keith R.A. DeCandido, Rob Levy (Moderator), Mike Faber, K`Tetch, Phil Greco,  Brian Doob

Hilton Gallleria 5


Journalism and Freedom of the Press in the Trump Era

Thanks to Donald Trump, the ‘opposition’ press is under fire like never before. What are today’s reporters and publishers having to deal with, and how will freedom of speech and freedom of the press survive in this new challenging era?

Blair B. Chintella (Moderator), William C. Nevin, TJ Mihill, Nathan White, K’Tetch

Hilton Room 208-209

Sunday, September 3 2017

Time Program

Lawsuit Against Techdirt

The Techdirt technology blog is facing a lawsuit from someone who claims to have invented email. What is a SLAPP suit, and does this suit qualify? What are reasonable defenses against such a suit, and what protections should be provided as a matter of policy?

Kurt Opsahl, TJ Mihill, K’Tetch

Hilton Room 208-209


Drone Legislation: A Birds-Eye View of Federal, State and Local Regulation

This panel will discuss some of the bills that have taken flight, and sometimes crashed and burned, and give practical examples of how drone enthusiasts can advocate for themselves.

Dave Maass, K’Tetch

Sheraton, Atlanta Ballroom 4-5


Fake News and Social Media: The New Propaganda?

What is fake news and what kind of risk does it present to society? How can we defend ourselves from this threat and yet maintain a right to free expression? Does truth even matter any more on electronic media?

Blair B. Chintella (Moderator), Amie Stepanovich, Gennie Gebhart, William C. Nevin, K’Tetch

Hilton Room 208-209

Monday, September 4 2017

Time Program

Top Gear Vs. Grand Tour

There can be only one! Or maybe two? Which car show will be victorious? Is there room for both? Some say we will try to answer these questions. Some say we’ll debate uselessly with each other. All we know is, it’ll be fun. After all, what’s the worst that can happen?

K`Tetch, John Rabon, JM Tuffley, Ash Hixon, Andrew Hartley

Hilton Galleria 5

So, come to a panel, say ‘hey’, and enjoy. And don’t forget, that Friday is the release of my next book!