Further Comments on Net Neutrality to the FCC’s Consultation

So, today was the deadline for the FCC’s badly named “Restoring Internet Freedom” consultation, before FCC Chairman Ajit Pai removes net neutrality, which has been the underpinning of the internet and enabled it to exist in the first place.

There’s two aspects to an FCC consultation; there’s the comment period, where you get to submit a comment (which I did already) which most people are familiar with. There is however, also a comment-response period, which is what just ended. In that you get to respond to comments others have submitted. It’s sort of a ‘right to reply’.

So, I felt that rather than reiterate the same arguments I made 6 weeks earlier, I would use the comment-response time as intended, and respond to some of the more popular robo-comments dissecting them and exposing their lies. I picked 3 which together account for roughly 1¼ Million comments submitted.