Politics & P2P Podcast in the Making

As anyone who’s been around me for a while knows, I’m not the most regular poster. It can be a month or so between posts, if not longer, and the posts vary in subject and (unfortunately) quality. What you don’t see is the half-written pieces, and starts and stops that go on. So I want to fix that.

It’s time to jump on the podcast wagon (about 5 years late) with the Politics & P2P podcast.

I m a weird person, with many mental hangups. I have an incredibly short attention span and am easily distracted, but at the same time I have a desire for stress. So I’ll put off things or be distracted while working on things, until there’s a deadline, and then frantically work on it. Pretty much every consultation response here has followed that pattern, with me writing and submitting it on the final day.

Worse, if there’s no deadline, I have no hard limit to push me, and I’ll slip (This explains No Safe Harbor 2). I have another issue though, and that’s my desire for ‘uniqueness’. I’m not going to cover things that are old, or that have become so well covered I’ve nothing new to add. So a bunch of pieces that do get mostly finished languish as ‘old news’ and never see the light of day.

I’m also deathly afraid of being locked into my own echo-chamber. So I’ve had long debates about things on IRC or facebook, where I can get quick feedback. I have a comment system here, but no-one ever uses it.

As a result, when I know there’s a topic I want to cover, but am afraid that writing it will take too long, I’ve dabbled with live videos. The most recent one, a month ago, was on Net Neutrality. but I’ve also done it on Brexit (both right after the vote, and more recently) and Copyright and P2P.

They’re good, but no-one wants to see my face, or hear me rant solo for an hour or more. So a podcast is the logical answer. And I don’t want to rant, or discuss endlessly whatever I think, so to bring this site’s name more into focus, it’s time to announce that I’ll be launching the “Politics & P2P Podcast

While things are still a bit fluid, the basic format will be as hinted by the name. Actually, some might say it’s a rip-off The Last Leg, but with me instead of 3 comedians, and not live. It’ll be recorded Friday/Saturday and put out Saturday/Sunday (not yet decided)

Myself and a guest will chat for a bit on that weeks news (that’s the ‘Politics’), followed by a peer-to-peer chat about something related to the guest (the ‘P2P’), and it’d be on a whole range of subjects. I’ve reached out to friends and acquaintances and got some interesting people for the first bunch of episodes. There’s one that’s involved in Darknets, someone at a satellite startup, a FLOSS software guy, and a game developer for instance.

It’s not all technical though, I’m reaching out to a playwright and audiobook narrator, and a 90-something comedian from my home town who’s about to go on tour again. It’s not about giving a specific viewpoint, it’s about having an interesting debate. Now, I only know so many people, and I’ll soon run out of people I know, so if you think you might be interesting to talk to, email me (I’ll set up a form soon).

It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, major news is major news, although there will undoubtedly be a bit of a US/UK bias to things. And I don’t care if you’re Conservative, liberal, socialist, anarchic, or Nanny-state oriented, as long as you can make coherent points that are backed with facts, and can chat in an adult manner. Don’t expect to troll and get away with it. I can’t stand listening to an unchallenged steam of nonsense, and if you’re just going to repeat the same talking points, its not much of a chat and I might as well get a bot.

So if  you have an idea about what’s going on in the world  and you have a topic to chat to me about for 20-30 minutes about that’s interesting (and if you don’t, still get in touch, I might be able to think of something interesting about you) – it could be a hobby, an aspect of your job, somewhere newsworthy you’ve lived, or some event you’ve participated in, in the past, or you have a new book/tour/event/product coming out and you want to talk about it or what inspired it. Or, on rare occasions, there may even be newsworthy topics that week that would require a more focused discussion including the abstract (an example would be the topic of the 1st amendment and free speech, following the weekend’s protests in Charlottesville)

I hope you get the idea. and will join me on this new venture. Now, to see how I get started doing one…