Dragon Con Videos: Fake News and Social Media: The New Propaganda?

Who wants more videos?

Well of course you do! So now here’s time for the video from the panel entitled “Fake News and Social Media: The New Propaganda?”

Now, again, I’ll remind y’all that I was pretty cranky because of my knee, and having been up about 100 hours at this point, so I was not at my best. Luckily, due to a camera error, the footage was corrupted, so you can’t see me yawning and microsleeping when I wasn’t talking.

Fake News & Social Media: The New Propaganda?

LocationHilton 208-209
DateSunday, Sep 3 5:30 PM
Duration1 hour

What is fake news, & what kind of risk does it present to society? How can we defend ourselves from this threat & yet maintain a right to free expression? Does truth even matter any more when it comes to electronic media? Additional Panelists: William C. Nevin