Dragon Con Video: Lawsuit Against Techdirt

I’ve been delaying this one a bit. Partly because I really don’t like how I look/sound here (again, pain and extreme fatigue), and partly because its somewhat of an ongoing matter, so I was constrained at the time by the need to not adversely affect the litigation.

For those that don’t know, Techdirt (a site I admire and sometimes write for) was sued for libel by Shiva Ayyadurai, after Techdirt pointed out that he did not invent email in 1978/1979/1982 (the year changes based on when he tells the story, gradually getting earlier), something he’s done before. To him, that’s a problem, because it’s his only real claim to fame. His big problem is that the things he claimed to have invented, were already widely used in the field several years earlier.

Luckily, a few days after this panel, the judge dismissed the case, although not on SLAPP grounds, but just for the comments being protected under CDA230 (that’s what allows social media to exist)

Lawsuit against Techdirt

LocationHilton 208-209
DateSunday, Sep 3 10:00 AM
Duration1 hour

The Techdirt technology blog is facing a lawsuit from someone who claims to have invented email. What is a SLAPP suit, & does this suit qualify? What are reasonable defenses against such a suit, & what protections should be provided as a matter of policy? Additional Panelists: TJ Mihill