Drone Legislation: A Bird’s-Eye View of Federal, State, & Local Regulations – Dragon Con 2017

This has taken me a bit to get to, and for that I apologize. For me things come in cycles. July through November I work with a High School Marching Band, as their videographer, Then there’s christmas concerts/events.

In the middle of that is Dragon Con, and between pre-event prep and then recovering (which as I’ve already noted, was MUCH harder this year) and then catching up on things, so some videos slip through the cracks, and I forget about them, until the new year when it quietens down, and I can fill in gaps.

So it was with this panel. It’s now late January, and I’m just getting this out.

Drone Legislation: A Bird’s-Eye View of Federal, State, & Local Regulations

LocationSheraton Atlanta 4-5
DateSunday, Sep 3 2:30 PM
Duration1 hour

This panel will discuss some of the bills that have taken flight & sometimes crashed & burned. We give practical examples of how drone enthusiasts can advocate for themselves.


Now, remember, I’m extremely tired at this point, and I REALLY want to thank Dave Maass for stepping up and helping me keep going during the panel. He could see I was flagging. Dave is always a top bloke, and makes me wish I was a better man, someday as good as him.

Other thanks go to Jason Brown of the Chaos Corp for loan of Short fuse (stripped to am empty shell – no batteries, no electronics – to meet event rules) for a demonstration. It’s a bulky bot for me to demonstrate with, and not much else. especially with the drive down to Atlanta, and the small rooms while he’s trying to get his own bots running for Robot Battles.

Me holding Short Fuse, while Dave gathers his thoughts