Future of Robot Combat – Dragon Con 2017

2018 makes it 20 years since I first started with Robot Combat, joining Liverdyne Robotics in 1998, and while we could look to the past, we also have to look to the future.

So, with that in mind, here’s the future of Robot Combat, led by former competitor at BattleBots (now a producer there) Peter Abrahamson, with long time competitor Lisa Winter (one of the very few to have ever beaten me in combat) and Charles Guan (who I’ve known since he was a pre-teen)

Now, it took me a while to get this done, because I had… “issues” with the slides, before finally figuring a way to do it better, but here it is.

The Future of Combat Robotics. What Will Be the Next Great Innovation?

LocationSheraton Atlanta
DateSaturday, Sep 2 7:00 PM
Duration1 hour

Members of the robotics community speak about the TV show Battlebots & other combat robotics topics. Additional Panelists: Charles Guan


I will note that while I started the recording, I didn’t stay for it, as I was busy editing the Dragon Cup Tournament video. Yep, I left my cameras, and laptop in the hands of Charles… I’m lucky the hard drive wasn’t filled with anime…