The Second Civil War

As Alex Jones has prophesied, there is a Second Civil War. All around here is desperation, and in the midst of that, comes word from my comrade in arms, Crispy, and the first auxiliary naval units of the Atlanta Flotilla.

Photos and words (c) Crispy. Bad accent all my own.

No, seriously, the rantings of Right-Wing-Nut-Job Alex Jones gave many of us the chance to poke fun at the hysterical pearl-clutching cowards out there that still venerate a bunch of treasonous losers. People all over the country posted their activities in the style of letters home from the war.

One of those was my friend Crispy, who has recently taken up kayaking. He went out to paddle, and at various points during the day, posted photos and letters on facebook. So what was I to do, but do my best to turn those posts into video form, and give myself the chance to try out some voiceover work, and a quick turnaround job.