Pratchett & Gaiman: Lessons for Preventing an Apocalypse – Dragon Con 2019

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Are you ready for the first of this years panels featuring yours truely?

Tough! Because I’m going to do it anyway

So first one is the Brit Track panel on the new Amazon series “Good Omens”

It was quite a panel, with myself, Rox of Spazhouse, and Sue, who I’ve done the annual Discworld/Pratchett panel with for the past few years. There were some extra people too, with Alan Siler and Trisha Wooldridge rounding it out.

Apocalyptic themes in the works of Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman are discussed, including the lasting impact of “Good Omens” and Pratchett’s legacy. 

… and yes, the camera was knocked over at one point, but no, no damage was done.

There were also quite a few costumes at the panel, so we did a little lineup to start with