EU Copyright Articles 13/15/17: What It Means in the USA – Dragon Con 2019

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As part of the ongoing series of Dragon Con panel videos, here’s the panel from the 2019 Dragon Con EFForums track, on the new copyright laws passed in the European Union (Articles 13/15/17) and what that will mean to those of us over here in the US

Now, I’m not the most lucid most mornings, but as I noted in the writeup, I’d barely slept that night, and spent a logn time waiting for an elevator to get my bags out of the room before checkout time, so I was tired, and a bit cranky.

It’s also, let’s face it, a really dry and boring topic, no matter how much we try and jazz it up (and I tried!)

The European Union passed directives over stringent opposition requiring nearly all Internet publishers to filter content for copyright violations using automated filters. What are the risks, given that filters often fail or over-censor? Also, how will those outside of Europe be affected?

Also on the panel was the EFF’s Kurt Opsahl, as well as Emery University associate law professor Courtney Lytle and Author James Nettles.