K`Tetch Watches… The Watch

There’s an old saying “Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?” – Who will guard the guards. Today, it’s more specifically “Who Will Watch The Watch”? The answer to that would seem to be ‘No one who is a Discworld fan”.

I’ve mentioned the show “The Watch” a lot at every Pratchett-related panel I’ve taken part in since it was announced back in what, 2012-2013? I also wanted to give it an honest chance, not polluted by rumours and theories, and claims, and then left to stew about what I’d read. So I went cold turkey and avoided reading or seeing ANYTHING about it.

Until now.

Just a few days before the premier, and with adverts thick and fast on BBC America (we delayed watching the new Dr Who episode, just so we could fast-forward through the adverts) its time to watch the trailers with a clear, unbiased view.

I will be watching the first episode, and I’ll be giving my feedback on it soon.

That said, Who watches the Watch? Not any Discworld fan I can think of.

My Upcoming book - Life Lessons from the Disc - will be out Summer 2021