CDA 230 Love Poetry

CDA230 – Image CC-BY EFF

There’s a whole shit-show about the Communications Decency Act Section 230 – better known as CDA230 – and how many want it to be gone.

It’s incredibly misunderstood by many, who think it gives special permissions for certain social media companies to do what they want without consequences, or that it requires some sort of neutrality to get its protections.

It doesn’t.

With all that in mind, a number of Twitter users, led by Chicago-based 1st Amendment lawyer Ari Cohn led the charge with #section230valentines to put a little bit of humour into the topic, and maybe get across the bare bones of the issue in a way people may have a better chance of understanding.

While reading them is ok, people have to see them to read them, so it’s better in my view, if they’re read out.

So I did.

I will say though, what seems to scan ok when written, isn’t always the same when read out. Ari agreed with me, saying “It sounds so different out loud”. I don’t know if thats because of my accent or not though.

Regardless, enjoy. And I’ll have a more detailed breakdown of Section 230 later.