Tetch Talk Ep 3 – BattleBots Competitor Craig Danby

One thing I like about this is that I get a chance to talk to people in new ways and about things I wouldn’t normally. Sometimes they’re people I’ve never spoken to before (like Jarid Scott), sometimes they’re people I’ve swapped a few messages with online but never anything in-depth, as with Peter Sunde, and sometimes it’s people I’ve known for decades, as here. Yes, I’ve known Craig for over 20 years, from when we were both teenagers starting out in Robot Combat together in the UK around 2000, but we almost met earlier….

So we explore 20 years of Robot Combat, including the differences between the US and UK combat, one of the more fun incidents at an event (where a fan favourite all-but explodes at an event I’m running safety for, and he’s running the antweight competition) and the progress since the late 90s, from hobby to sport. And again, I want to thank Craig for his time in the interview. He can be found at TeamDanby.com