Lunar Eclipse Videos

It took a bit of time to do, but here – finally – is my footage of the lunar eclipse.

It was cold as hell out there, so I was trying to keep me warm and motivated, and the camera operating (cold shortens battery life) and aimed.

So I started at 1:05am, and finished around 4:32am, with a photo every 15 seconds, for around 410 photos (some were missed because of battery changes, and some were blurred). Generally, you want to avoid touching the camera whenever possible, because if you touch it as it’s taking a shot, it’ll blur it, and I was aiming to align them all in post.

For more information on the eclipse itself, timeanddate has a wonderful page on it, including an animation showing the various parts of the eclipe as seen in the Macon area.

So, here’s the sequence of raw photos just stacked into a video.

it doesn’t look so great, does it?

But if you align them, then crop it to 1080, it looks a lot better

Music – Ewiges Nichts by TW – released under a CC-BY-NC-ND license)

There’s another one in May that will be a really nice one (if its not cloudy), and I hope to get some better footage of that one.