Some more Comet Leonard photos

So one of the big news things has been the comet Leonard, and since my first attempt wasn’t great I thought I should try again when I got the chance.

So I did. (This time I’m going to embed from Instagram, as that seems to look nicer)

So again, my GX-85 was the camera, with the same lens

Photo 1 – 4 seconds, at f/5.6 and ISO-2500 on the 150mm lens

photo 2 – 2 seconds, at f/5.6 and ISO-6400, 150mm and then cropped a bit

I also took a timelapse sequence of 16 photos (photo 2 was from the middle of that sequence), each a minute apart, showing the progression of the comet across the camera frame. I’ll post that when I get around to processing it.